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As she said:

"I see the consequences every day of the brutality of the system. It crushes my soul and the soul of my patients...  What kind of system is this?? RB is the place where we get hope about what is possible..."

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A message from RevBooks' Match Challenger (video above):

"I am a mental health professional and a supporter of Revolution Books in Harlem NYC. I want to share with you why you should join me in supporting this precious bookstore.   I will match your contributions up to  $2000. 

What YOU do in this moment, will have a great effect on which direction this country will go.  Bob Avakian has analyzed that in this election year, we are either headed toward a fascist consolidation , and all the horrors that entails, OR, we have a SHOT at making a real revolution.  And yes, we have a  'real chance to win!'

"Revolution Books is where we get hope based on the science of the new communism.  This is the blueprint for a whole new framework for human emancipation.  You cannot stand another day of the horrors of the world... Just like me.  At Revolution Books we are invited to bring our toughest question about what is needed to bring forward a world that will unlock the best of human aspirations.


"I see the consequences every day of the brutality of the system. It crushes my soul and the soul of my patients.  I work in an HIV/AIDS clinic.  And we get people from all around the world.  Immigrants who are shipped into my state and who are fearful every moment that they will be deported.  We have a large LGBTQ population, and they are under assault.  So many people struggle with drug addiction due to the unspeakable trauma, homelessness, racism, and xenophobia.  We have women involved in the sex trade who have been raped and beaten.

[Image: Migrants in NYC, 2023]


"I see you.  I hear you.  My peers and colleagues are burnt out, trying to provide care in this mental health crisis. We face a public health threat like we have never before seen in this country. Last year alone 100,000 people died from overdoses. These are called 'Deaths of Despair.' Many women in this society will have post- traumatic stress disorder in their lifetime.  People with serious mental illnesses languish in the prisons which have become the primary place where they get treatment.  And many of them will die decades prematurely.  In a report on youth and their mental health,  42%, a stunning number, admit to  experiencing feelings of persistent sadness and depression, and many of them have considered suicide.

"What kind of system is this?? RB is the place where we get hope about what is possible.

"You may be wondering what makes BA  say that we have a chance to win a revolution in this 'rare time?' Well, I wondered the same thing myself.  Revolution Books is the place we go to find out why the world is like it is. RB is the place where we are invited to struggle and debate our ideas on the big questions in society.  How can we wrench a whole new world out of this hellhole?

[Raymond Lotta speaking at Feb 15, 2024 program "Stop the Genocide in Gaza...]

"There are many programs at Revolution Books that inspire us and challenge us. The  Emergency Forums on Israel and the Genocide in Gaza with Raymond Lotta and Alan Goodman are sharp, passionate, informative and inspiring. At RB, we are introduced to authors from many branches of science, and the arts, and music. At RB, we hear from Merle Hoffman discussing her book about abortion rights.   Miles Solay provokes us: 'We Don’t Have an Immigration Problem, We have an Imperialism Problem.' Revolution Books is where Carl Dix has a solid presence, and he brings riveting insights about Black oppression in this country, and why “Black Capitalism” is not the answer.  

"We need YOU to meet my $2000 challenge to support RB in this critical year. Humanity’s future hangs in the balance.

Thank you.

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